Industrial machine vision systems through deep learning

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KabVision is the business unit specialising in the study, development and supply of vision systems customised to the needs of the application, in the creation of neural networks applicable to machine vision systems and in the development of augmented reality systems for smart manufacturing.

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Combining artificial intelligence and machine vision to solve complex visions.

K-VISION Software

The vision systems we develop are based on our K-VISION platform, a software with advanced functionalities for the supervision, monitoring and control of industrial processes. It integrates different vision technologies and automation devices.

Based on constantly updated neural networks, K-VISION acquires images and processes them as required. Flexible and scalable, it trains for every type of application.

It automates tasks that are too complicated and time-consuming to programme with rule-based algorithms, while ensuring consistency and speed that are impossible with manual inspection.

SMART interface

Through the software and its easy-to-use interface, operators will be able to visualise the captured images in real time, decide whether the inference will be manual or automatic depending on the working mode, set thresholds for the interpretation of the result, manage the settings for image capture and manage their backup.

Discover the Benefits

KabVision’s goal is to create sustainable innovation paths that can ensure superior production quality, reduce waste and costs in every industry.

Optimising resources and increasing production capacity

The use of our vision systems makes it possible to cut time schedules, save resources, schedule ‘just in time’ production and reduce manpower in favour of higher productivity.

Raising the value of human capital

Thanks to the automation of industrial processes, employees will be able to play more relevant roles within the company, leaving the most dangerous, repetitive and alienating roles to machines.

Competitiveness in the industry

The increase in productivity due to the use of autonomous machines with innovative state-of-the-art technology allows the company to gain competitiveness in the market.

Ease of use

Thanks to the intuitive man/machine interface, productivity monitoring app and staff training.
KabVision sistemi di visione indusatriali

Discover our machine vision technologies

HMI Kabvision - Kablator

KabVision develops easy-to-use and scalable robot guidance vision systems to operate in high-precision manufacturing industrial environments with automated learning, automatic calibration, picking and tracking phases.

AI machine vision system for robot guidance
Uses software and cameras to locate the position of components to be processed and then guide the robot in its movements.

KabVision - K-Quality controllo qualità packaging

KabVision develops vision systems for quality control that can be integrated with automatic inspection, measuring and sorting machines or stand alone for the identification of quantitative and qualitative defects, with the aim of zeroing the presence of rejects or defects in products.

AI machine vision system for quality control
Thanks to the power of neural networks it enables different inspections and applications.

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Discover the case studies of KabVision, solutions based on industrial artificial vision systems through deep learning.
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