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Fully automatic and efficient machining and finishing processes.

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KabRobotic - linea robotizzata per asservimento
Discover the Benefits

KabRobotic makes it possible to design and implement industry solutions that are always customised and tailored to specific project requirements. Also turnkey.

Optimising resources and increasing production capacity

The use of our machines makes it possible to cut time schedules, save resources, schedule ‘just in time’ production and reduce manpower in favour of higher productivity.

Raising the value of human capital

Thanks to the automation of industrial processes, employees will have more relevant roles within the company, leaving the most dangerous, repetitive and alienating roles to the machines.

Competitiveness in the industry

The increase in productivity due to the use of autonomous machines with innovative state-of-the-art technology allows the company to gain competitiveness in the market.

Ease of use

Thanks to the intuitive man/machine interface, productivity monitoring app and staff training.
KabRobotic - Automazioni robotiche indusatriali
Case Study

Find out how KabRobotic’s technology can be used.

Discover case studies and success stories from our customers. How Kablator technology has improved the production processes of companies that have invested in the future of industry.
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