AI vision system for robot guidance

K-Robot - Kabvision sistema guida robot



The scalable architecture allows the realisation of the simplest applications up to the most complex vision systems, using a single programming language. K-ROBOT uses our K-VISION vision platform. K-ROBOT utilizza la nostra piattaforma di visione K-VISION.


K-ROBOT uses 2D and 3D reconstruction sensors and a powerful 2D and 3D localisation algorithm that does not require contrasting backgrounds with respect to objects and enables localisation even of reflective objects.

Gripping Accuracy

Gripping accuracy is guaranteed by the different types of calibration: fast and immediate or very accurate.

The system is capable of detecting and picking up small objects and has a built-in collision avoidance function, as well as the ability to recognise and pick up different objects randomly arranged together.

Fast learning

K-ROBOT’s algorithm adopts innovative machine and deep learning based on neural networks (Convolution Neural Network) to increase the robustness of the application under different environmental conditions and points of view.

The recognition and localisation of an object takes less than 0.1 second, allowing robots to pick up an object without having to wait for point clouds to be calculated.

The algorithm adapts to each situation, fully customisable to the application.

Ease of use

Fully configurable via an easy-to-use operator panel, K-Robot allows total control of the vision system and a complete view of the analysis in progress, as well as real-time results.

The system is eligible for Industry 4.0 and 5.0 funding.

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